One day, a little red hen was scratching around in the farmyard where she lived when she found some grains of wheat. Instead of just eating them right there and then, she decided to plant them and get more grains the next year.

She went to her friends and said

"who will help me plant the wheat?"

"Not I", said the pig "I've got loads of swill in my bucket already, thanks"

"Not I", said the mouse " I think it would be safer to eat them now, before someone else gets them"

"Not I", said the cat " I'd rather relax in this patch of sun"

"Allright" said the little red hen "I'll do it myself"

The little red hen laboured for a whole year, looking after her crops. She watered, weeded, kept pests away, and watched until the wheat was fat and golden on its stalks. She went to the farmyard and said

"Will anyone help me harvest my wheat?"

"Not I", said the pig " you planted it too far away"

"Not I," said the mouse, "I'm too small to help"

"Not I," said the cat, "I'm too busy jumping on people's keyboards while they're trying toA,HG ZN2OI GBH 0394FK W;NIY8FUI"

"All right," said the little red hen, " I'll just do it myself then, shall I?" but there was no answer. So the little red hen harvested her wheat, took it to the miller to grind it, and then took it to the baker, who made it into a lovely loaf of bread.

When the Little Red Hen went back to the farmyard with her loaf of bread, the other animals were soon drawn by the delicious smell, and came to offer her their help in eating the loaf.

" It's ok, I think I can manage by myself, said the little red hen " but I saved some seeds from my crop to plant : you can help me with that if you like, and next year our harvest will be even bigger and better"

"I will" said the pig " and you can have as much of my dung as you like to fertilise the land"

"I will" said the mouse " I will keep all my friends away from the crops"

"I will" said the cat " I saw everything you did this year, and I think I can do it too"

"Thank you" said the little red hen " That sounds like a lot more fun than doing all the work by myself".


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I have been working successfully as a landscape architect for about 15 years, designing and delivering community centred projects for local authorities, housing providers and community groups. Clients will sometimes look for spatial solutions to problems which are social in origin. Neglected and abused public landscapes can be made to look better with new planting, and art installations, which may encourage better care, but won't stop it from occurring again. I have seen amazing things happen in communities when people get together to create gardens : people feel safer, less isolated, they eat better, take more exercise, feel more confident, more healthy, and all for very little outlay. When I wanted to involve community landscape